An immersive experience
where you hear the divine sound of AUM
It’s a divine tool for moving into
a meditative space & emotional peace
Sound – Mantras – Chanting – all work
to purify & strengthen the energy
of the Inner & Outer space
The sounds reach deep within & move you
to the Core
The sounds bring you to a space wherein
you can release the pains & blocks
from your physical body & feel
your Center
It is an invitation
to experience a Divinity – within you
The sounds work on the brain waves
calm you – relax you – heal you & bring you
to a state of meditation
You are welcome for this
‘Out of the Mind’ listening experience
Sonia is a leading practitioner of Crystal Singing Bowls,
leading workshops in the United States, Canada, & Japan
Now she brings the ‘Alchemy’ Bowls to India –
for the First Time
She has been touring the world giving Sound Baths & Healing,
through vibrations of the Crystal Singing Bowls
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