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Corporate Workshops

Successfully organizing an ideal corporate workshop, providing opportunities for participants to interact and learn actively.

One on One Sessions

Providing one to one sessions, beneficial as to completely understand the related problem and establishing a solution for it.


Spreading knowledge and wisdom as a speaker through active participation in many events frequently.


Metaphysical Stones

Sonia Wadhwa

Sonia has been leading sessions for 24 years, in the USA, Canada, Japan & Australia.
Meditation Intensives, Counseling for Life & drawing Family Constellations.
An Expert on the Metaphysical Qualities of Worldwide Stones A Vastu Acharya – working on International Projects.
She brings the 'Alchemy Sound Energy Healing' to India, for the first time Experienced

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Counseling for Life

Metaphysical Stones Expert


Vastu Acharya

Family Constellations

‘Alchemy’ Sound Energy Healing

Just Dance’ Inner Centering

New Woman

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We are here to RECIEVE You

Why People Choose Us


achieve an ideal state of physical and emotional well being with a healthy body and a peaceful quiet mind.

Metaphysical Stones Expert

Variety of Gemstones & Crystals aligned with Spirituality, Healing, and Chakras.

Vastu acharya

the Sacred science of harmony and prosperity to eliminate the negative power and enhance positivity

Alchemy Sound Energy Healing

A sacred immersion with your divine self, as you discover your feelings and spiritual existence

Family constellation

Power of shifting the underlying family bonds and forces.

Women Empowerment

A sacred immersion with your divine self, as you discover your feelings and spiritual existence

Years of Experience





What Client Say About Us

“With every session with Sonia, I often find myself coming “home” to more of myself. It is almost like she is bringing forth different “facets” of my being with each session allowing me to shine even brighter than before!”



What Client Say About Us

“I’ve experienced several spiritual and psychological ‘energy healing technologies’ in my day, and Healing Alchemy with Sonia for me, is really a pinnacle as it works entirely with unity energy. I have a whole new awareness of my Self, flowing with ease and grace. I am enthusiastically exploring these newly revealed and rich, potent fields of being.”



What Client Say About Us

“About 6 months back I experienced a transformational healing with Sonia that has completely enriched and changed my world for the better. Thank you so, so much for sharing the wonderful gift. I have made peace with past demons as I waved them farewell, and now look to where I stand today with bright sunny skies in front of me – it is a clear fine day in my world.”



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