Sonia Wadhwa

Sonia has been leading sessions for 23 years, in the USA, Canada, Japan & Australia. Meditation Intensives, Counseling for Life & drawing Family Constellations An Expert on the Metaphysical Qualities of Worldwide Stones A Vastu Acharya – working on International Projects She’s brings the 'Alchemy Sound Energy Healing' to India, for the first time Experienced in methods of Awareness, Centering, Breathing Techniques, &Communication skills, developing programs on New Age techniques

How it works

The 4 Golden Steps

Step 01

The Intent

To Meditate

Step 02

Take time out

( preferably choose a time of the day – you can meditate every day)

Step 03

Make the space

(It can be your room – a corner of your room – an open space – anyplace which is accessible to you – where you can be everyday to meditate)

Step 04

Jump into meditation

choose any meditation as per what you like – sitting silently or participating in the meditation actively like a dance meditation